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Featuring the intricately designed music box replicas

of French architect, artisan and designer

Philip LeMarchand

Philip LeMarchand 1717 - ?

"Like other artists through time, LeMarchand had heard of a perfect material in which to work, a perfect medium in which to express his talents.  And like other damned artists through time, LeMarchand never dreamed just what it was he would create with that most perfect, most orderly material..."

Architect of the Damned, Valentina Sprague
Pentacle Magazine, June 1967

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Albertus Magnus Reiss Kunst Captain Nathan Green
Geber the Arab
(Paul of Taranto)

13th Century
Albertus Magnus
"Albert the Great"

B. 1200 - D. 1280
Reiss Kunst
Hexenmeister for
The Chapter of Perfection

B. 1642 - D. 1723
Capt. Nathan Green
NG Industries

B. 1949 - PRESENT

If you can't change your mind, are you still sure that you have one?

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- May/01/2021 -

Philip LeMarchand based the surface panels for The Garden Configuration on a pair of architectural commissions he received from famed English politician and postmaster Sir Francis Dashwood, the founder of a secret society called The Friars of St. Francis of Wycombe, more popularly known as The Hellfire Club.

- June/22/2020 -

In the summer of 1749, Philip LeMarchand delivered The Diviner's Secret Window as a gift to Madame Chappieus, immediately preceding her mysterious disappearance from France.

- May/15/2016 -

In 1995, Cœnobium Magazine Issue #14 published the first chapter of Renfrew Werfner's "The Affair of the Reticulated Box" - Chapter I: "I alone am come to tell thee..."

Issue #15 followed up with Chapter 2: "The Serpent's Web"

Cœnobium was then cancelled before the last two concluding chapters could be published. Now, twenty years later, thanks to the Editor Ed Martinez, the unpublished chapters have been made available through Pyramid-Gallery and illustrated by the phenomenal paintings of artist Mike Herndon.

Enter now, and explore Leviathan's Labyrinth with fellow travelers Trismegistos Herms; and his associate, Dr. Ambrose Jekyll, guided by one tricky client, Mr. Norbert Beane as they enter Chapter III: "Through the Hairless Gates of the Brazen Key" and escape Chapter IV: "Out of The Lips of Hell"

- January /21/2014 -
Et Ad Daemones Ducit
"Et Ad Daemones Ducit" (And It Leads to The Demons) 
~ Albertus Magnus

The Box of Gateways was a music box created in the 13th Century by the German alchemist Albertus Magnus.  This box was acquired by Philip LeMarchand in 1749, and was the direct inspiration for the 270 puzzle box designs that he constructed during his lifetime.

- January /14/2014 -
The Scribe Configuration

Nexus Concept Studio and Pyramid-Gallery are proud to have collaborated with "The Shadow-Writer", Paul Kane, in releasing information on the discovery of The Scribe Configuration

"The following document was posted on an Internet video distribution site in October 2010. It achieved an audience numbering it's thousands before being removed. Steps were taken to contain any other leaks of the material. This document should not be viewed by anyone without top level security clearance. You have been warned."

The LeMarchand Project

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Paris - 1749 AD

"In the year of 1749, LeMarchand produced sixteen documented puzzle / music boxes.  These designs soon became the rage of Europe..."


First Construct Second Construct Third Construct Fourth Construct
The Lament

"The Box of Sorrows"
The Threnody Configuration
"Mock of The Infidel"
The Elegy

"The Chains of Verekna"
Misery's Canticle
"The Box of Souls"
Art produced by
M L. Barron
Art produced by
M L. Barron
Art produced by
M L. Barron
Art produced by
Edward Martinez

Fifth Construct Seventh Construct Eighth Construct
Jeremiad Enigma
"The Box of Woes"
The Diviner's Secret Window
Filigree and Shadow
"The Hofesh Configuration"
The Child's Own Losses

Art & research by
S.R. Greenfield
Art & research by
José Leitão
Art produced by
William C. Johnson

Ninth Construct
Eleventh Construct
Twelth Constuct
The Triumph of Judas
Love's Easy Tears
"The Box of Temptation"
The Troubled Walk
"The Box of Grief"
Free The Broken Spirit
"The Box of Pleasures"

Art produced by
William C. Johnson
Art & research by 
Art & research by 

Fourteenth Construct Fifteenth Construct Sixteenth Construct
Cage of Desire
"The Dreamweave Cube"
The Hollow Heart
"The Heart of Empire"
Veil of Shadows
"The Enochian Conundrum"
The Abyssus Daedalus
"The Labyrinth Configuration"
Art produced by
William C. Johnson
Art produced by
Art & research by
Douglas Wynne
Art & research

"The Hanau Wilhelmsbad Spa" Painted by Anton Wilhelm Tischbein 1783

July 1782

The Illuminati joins forces with Freemasonry at the Congress of Wilhelmsbad.

The Comte de Virieu,  an attendee at the conference, comes away visibly shaken. When questioned about the "tragic secrets"  he brought back with him,  he replies: "I will not confide them to you.  I can only tell you that all this is very much more serious than you think."  From this time on, according to his biographer, "the Comte de Virieu could only speak of Freemasonry with horror." 

Also in attendence were such (il)luminaries as Cagliostro, Comte Saint Germain, Louis Claude De St. Martin, Thomas Paine, Anton Mesmer and Adam Weishaupt.  In 1785 they met again at the Paris convention.


New York
1750 - 1811 AD

"It is believed that LeMarchand constructed more than 270 of his puzzle boxes before he vanished in 1811."

1750 -1769


"The Regret
The Pyus

"The Gift
The Enigme

Box of Gateways"
The Acerbus

"The Box of
Divine Complexity"
Art & research by

Art & research by

Art & research by

Art & research by

Zosimus The Immortal
The Immortal

"The Comstruct of
Eternal Agony"
The Garden Configuration
"In The Garden of L"
The Merova Configuration
"Gambler's Vertigo"
Betrayal of Trust
"The Box of Serpents"
Art & research by
Art & research by
Guillaume Roos

Art & research by
Guillaume Roos
Art & research by
Wade Gyllen Tordoff

The Sorrows of Saint Valentine The Lost Configuration - "Innocence Puzzle"
The Sorrows of
St. Valentine

"Arca Mortuus Diligo"
The Lost

"The Innocence Puzzle"
Art & research by
Jeremy Bowen
& Matthew Lemon
Art & research by
Anna Lovatt


"Deluded people.  You must understand that there exists a conspiracy in favor of despotism, and against liberty, of incapacity against talent, of vice against virtue, or ignorance against light! 

...Every species of error
which afflicts the earth, every half-baked idea, every invention serves to fit the doctrines of the Illuminati...The aim is universal domination."

- Marquis de Luchet
Essay on the Sect of the Illuminati - January, 1789

1770 - 1799

Coil of Deceit - "Mutatis Mutandis"

The Odyne Configuration - "The Little Box of Pain"
Coil of Deceit
"Mutatis Mutandis"
Peaceful Rage
"The Sculptor's Treasure"
Ordo Ab Chao
"Order Out of Chaos"
The Odyne

"The Little Box of Pain"
Art & research by
Philip George

Art & research by
Maurizio De Gasperi
Written research by
Alexa Black

Art & research by
Maurizio De Gasperi
Art & research by
Hotaru Thodt

Noli Me Tangere Configuration Aokigahara Configuration
The Bleeding Box
Love's Secret Domain
Noli Me Tangere
"Touch Me Not"
Aokigahara Configuration
"The Suicide Forest Box"
Art & research by
Guillaume Roos
Art & research by
Hotaru Thodt
Art & research by
Mark Buckle
Art & research by
Mark Buckle

The Seventh Song of Maldoror
Le Septième Chant de Maldoror
"The Seventh Song of Maldoror"
Divine Light's Apathy
"Faust's Decision"
Art & research by
José Leitão
Art & research by
Mark Adams

1800 - 1811

Pyramid-Gallery Presents
The Ghost Configuration

The Ghost Configuration

"In the year 1809, before vanishing in L'Hotel D'Arnais, Philip LeMarchand started to ponder the idea of working with glass and mirrors to create the ultimate puzzle box.  A gateway to Leviathan’s Labyrinth, capable of bringing forth an army of Cenobites to rule the New World. The idea was to unlock the box with light, using the sun to illuminate it, casting patterns onto a surface allowing one to solve it in a much larger scale."

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Other Items

LeMarchand's Ring
The Cult Of Joseph "Chain Of Souls"
The Cult
of Joseph 

"Chain of Souls"
Art & research
Art & research
Mark Buckle

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Ah Philip, you have returned.Another Configuration, my Baron.


 Vaulted Staircase, wood engraving, 1931         M.C. Escher

Entertainment That Lasts An Eternity.BLACK DIAMOND PRODUCTIONSTo truly understand art, the Artist must restructure the world and himself

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