"Mock Of The Infidel"

  "Threnody Configuration" - photograph - Max Lichtor 2001

LeMarchand's second offering increased his popularity among
the Parisian elite, who purchased his boxes through private auctions.


Riddles And Beaten Gold - LeMarchand 1773

Although not as complex as the Lament Configuration,
the Threnody Construct remains one of his most documented designs.


  "Threnody Configuration" - photograph - Max Lichtor 2001

References to its uniquely elegant configuration designs can be found in
Pepin's Guide to Signs and Siguls (New-Dawn Publications, 1996),
Bolinger's Encyclopedia of the Occult (Pinol Press, 1946),
and the news article Children of the Vortex (Pentacle, 1971).


  "Threnody Configuration" - photograph - Max Lichtor 2001

"In the year of 1749, LeMarchand ( 32 years of age ) produced sixteen documented puzzle/music boxes.
These designs soon became the rage of Europe..."


"Threnody Configuration" - photograph - Nathan Head 2008

"At the height of his career, Paris was besieged by scandalous multiple disappearances of
noteworthy individuals, a number of whom had purchased LeMarchand's puzzle boxes..."


"Threnody Movements" by Nathan Head

"...Amidst this notoriety, LeMarchand fled Europe without selling his home.
Apparently certain that the authorities were closing in on him..."

 - excerpted from "Tucker's Encyclopedia of Mass Murderers" -



It is rumored that French author and philosopher Voltaire purchased the
Configuration at an auction held during the Salon de Paris, 1749.

Objet d'art by Nathan Head

The Configuration may have been stolen from Voltaire's estate "Ferney" near the French-Swiss border
by a group of "Ultra-radicals" shortly after his death in 1778.


"Chthonic Causalgia" by Nathan Head


LeMarchand had murdered twenty-two
persons upon Threnody's completion.




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